Track your token's power and toughness or other game mechanics with these Magic: The Gathering Relic Tokens! This "Lineage Collection" release offers unique designs, available in both regular and rainbow foiled versions to give your tokens an outstanding, eye-catching look.
Each Relic Token has three rotating numerical dials to track each number individually from 0 to 9.
Each display box contains 24 unopened, factory-sealed packs, and each pack contains three (3) randomly inserted Relic Tokens.
The dimensions of a Relic Token is approximately 5 x 6CM

  • The "Lineage Collection" release of Magic: The Gathering Relic Tokens
  • Each token has three built-in rotating numerical dials to track numbers 0 to 9 on each dial
  • Each display box contains 24 unopened packs
  • Each pack contains 3 randomly inserted Relic Tokens

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Relic Tokens Lineage Collection Booster Box

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